The Basics: Wood Info

Buying Wood

Common Wood Types Sold at Home Stores

Wood types sold at home stores may vary a little but mostly these stores carry the same types of wood used in most homes


These are woodtypes you will likely see around the house used for furniture and decorative parts of homes


Construction wood is also carried at home stores and you will find these wood types are for contraction of the home or for outdoor projects 


Pine – light color, knotted, softer wood


Oak – harder wood, medium color


Walnut – dark harder wood


Redwood – darker color, medium density


Plywood – layered boards, straighter wood


2x wood (Construction Lumber) – used for framing homes and for outdoor projects 

Furniture Wood

Common Wood Types Used in Furniture

Some wood types are popular choices of wood for furniture


Some woods are more solid and won’t dent as easy as other wood types which is why they are used for furniture


Furniture are heavy used items so using stable and strong wood is preferred to get long lasting furniture


Pine – Pine is a soft wood so it easily dents and marks

It is still used in some furniture for parts that wont be seen or touched


Plywood – plywood is made by crisscrossing layers of wood 

This make the wood boards flat and consistent (mostly)


Plywood is a popular choice for cabinets shelves and all different types of furniture


Walnut – walnut is a dark color wood and is a hardwood. 

Its a popular wood type and is usually more expensive than other wood types 


Cherry – because cherry is a harder wood type and easy to work with it is a popular choice for furniture 



We will have more info coming on wood 

including info on:

  • Tips to buy wood and
  • Storing wood ideas 
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